Issue with "authorization_code" Flow: Incomplete or Invalid Access Token

Problem Description:

We are currently facing an issue with the “authorization_code” flow in our authentication process. The user is successfully logged in, as confirmed by our logs. However, the access token received is either incomplete or invalid. As a temporary workaround, we are using the ID token, but we understand this is not an ideal solution.

Steps Taken:

  1. Verified the Auth0 audience: Double-checked and ensured that the audience specified in the authentication process matches the exact string provided by Auth0.

  2. Followed Documentation: Carefully followed the Auth0 documentation to implement the “authorization_code” flow. link to article

  3. Community Exploration: Explored the Auth0 community for possible solutions or insights into similar issues.


  • This issue is not related to the “invalid_grant” error.
  • The user is successfully authenticated, but the resulting access token is either incomplete or deemed invalid.

Seeking Assistance:

We are reaching out to the Auth0 community for assistance in resolving this issue. Any insights, suggestions, or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Notes:

  • Please note that we have considered the possibility of misconfigurations and have carefully reviewed our implementation against the provided documentation.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Can you please provide the code you’re using to configure the SDK you’re using? I want to make sure you’re passing an audience parameter properly. Without this parameter, you will receive an opaque access token rather than a JWT.

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is this the code you were asking for if you need anything ,let us know , also the code is written in expressJS

You might have better luck using our Express SDK rather than raw HTTP calls.

If you want to set up a quick example app, you can use OktaDev Schematics: