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Hi Everyone, my name is Steven Hatzakis. Great to join the Auth0 community!
I just started learning to use this software over the weekend, integrating OAuth protocol authentication and configuring callbacks across multiple web origins as part of a single service for a web app that I am building in my free time, and while learning to navigate and use the Auth0 dashboard. Looking forward to connecting with other developers.

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Welcome to the Auth0 Community! I removed the link in your post because this thread is simply for introductions.

Thanks for joining us!

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Hello from the Midwest. I’m a hobbyist who started a bit late in life (mid 40s) and I’m having a blast learning as much as I can. Spent the last 25+ years in the cannabis industry and have recently decided I don’t need to be as hands on as usual. I’ve automated as much as possible and am currently taking time for myself. In so doing I got a bit bored so decided I’d learn something new. I used to be pretty decent back in middle and high school with the basic language and thought I’d look at where things were at nowadays. Holy mind blown Batman!! I feel somewhat overwhelmed about starting fro scratch but I thoroughly enjoy learning new things and this world seems ripe with things I want to know and understand. I’m really interested in the artificial intelligence wave that’s coming out to us now. I’ve been messing around with the ones I could use for free or beta test for the better part of a year now and wow is it interesting to watch this thing grow. Wish I would have gotten into it 10 years ago. Anyway, feel free to message or contact with any questions if you’d like. I’ll probably be lurking until I think I have a grasp enough to join the conversations. Thanks for having me and I hope I learn all I can from here.

Hey all,

I’m a developer from the Hudson Valley in NY. I work at a startup and we’re using Auth0 for our application.

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Hello all, developer here from the UK. Using Auth0 with our React frontends & Azure backend.

Hey I’m Jordan very new to this but excited to learn

I’m Osman Zakir and I use the MERN stack. I also know some SQL for database stuff, and some C++ (I like C++).

My portfolio site is

I still need more practice and leaning, since my level is still somewhere around beginner to intermediate, but I do want to find some freelance work. I made an account on Fiverr, but it was suspended due to inactivity. It’ll become active again if I can find some work, but I don’t know how to get people to give me work on there.

The reason I joined this forum is because of this app. Source code here. It’s a MERN stack app that lets a user login and manage a list of books they’ve read, and I’m using JWT access and refresh tokens for sessions. (I still need to work on the responsive CSS media queries, so if possible, don’t try it on cellphones yet.)

I’ve been using secure cross-origin cookies over HTTPS to store the refresh tokens, but I found out that MS Edge will block cross-origin cookies in a future update, so I started looking into alternatives. I think I could use PKCE, but I don’t know how to use it in a MERN stack, so I want to ask someone to look over my code and help me understand how I can use it in my codebase.

Also, can I do it for free?

I’d also like a good set of tutorials or some books I can read to learn the technologies I mentioned above. C++23 and React, especially.