Internal Server Error when Attempting to Change Password "Error!API Error. Please contact support..."

Problem statement

The following error occurs when trying to change a user’s password through the Dashboard UI:

"Error! API Error. Please contact support if the problem persists"

{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred","errorCode":"auth0_idp_error"}


This error can occur if there is a username conflict where two users shared the same username within a database connection. While Auth0 now enforces unique usernames, there may be users created with the same username from before this was a requirement. On update operations Auth0 tries to resolve duplicates and make sure there aren’t any.


When two user profiles share the same username and this error is occurring, here are the options to resolve this:

  • Delete one of the users. Then change the password.
  • Change the username on one of the users so usernames are unique. Then change the password.