Error updating just the auth0 password

I am trying to update just the auth0 password for a user from my API server using the Management API. When I make the request I get back a 400 status code, an “operation_not_supported” error code, and a “Cannot update password and email_verified simultaneously” error message. I’ve verified that I’m only updating the password in my request, however.

Are there any conditions under which this behavior is to be expected? Any ideas on what the root cause might be?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @spadash,

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Could you provide an example of the request you are making so I can attempt to recreate the error?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. Fortunately, I’ve figured things out. Problem was user error and bad eyesight.


Thanks for the update! It happens to all of us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Marking this solved.

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