Email or username required (/api/v2/users - change password)

We are finding users that passwords can not be changed for, it isn’t every user. Some work some don’t.

We are sending a PATCH to /api/v2/users/{userid} with json containing the passord, verify_password, and connection. This has been running in production for around a year and a half.

The users that the password changes will not work for, get back an error “email or username required” and the same is found in the logs. The log is interesting as well. Unlike other changes that show an “Api Operation” and then a log for the change, there is only the change on this call. The log record does not include the userid or any other information, though in the body section it does have an id with matches the one we send but with “auth0|” stripped off… no other api log shows like this.

I have spent hours debugging and making sure we are sending what is required and even tried in postman. Same results, but then there are other users that the api has no issue with at all.

Please advise.

I have seen other threads in here where the problem was resolved on Auth0’s end. I am unable to comment there to say we are having the same issue because the threads are closed.

Found the issue for those who are also seeing this error.

From reading other “closed” threads where Auth0 took ownership of the issue, I figured it must have something to do with older user accounts. So I figured that editing the user in the web admin would fix the record… and it does.

So go to Users and find the affected user and select them. I clicked to edit email and then simply hit save (didn’t change anything). I also clicked edit on Name and did the same thing (not sure if that was needed).

The error stops on any user I do this to.

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Really appreciate that you shared this as well with the community! Thank you!

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