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password update fails with management API



I am trying to update password using Management API from backend, but the request keeps failing with following error:

  statusCode: 400,
  error: 'Bad Request',
  message: 'Cannot update password and email_verified simultaneously',
  errorCode: 'operation_not_supported'

The request data is like this:

  connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication',
  email: '',
  password: 'new password here'


I could not reproduce that exact error message with a similar request data to yours, however, I would recommend you to perform two update requests instead of trying to update both password and email/email_verified in a single request. Is there anything in your use case that would strictly require those properties to be updated in the single request? If yes, then please update your question with all the details.


Thanks @jmangelo
Individual requests worked. Not very efficient, but would do the job for now.


I’m experiencing the same issue. If you look at his request body, you’ll see that email_verified is not included in the patch. I’ve tried this when email_verified was both true and false. I’ve tried asynchronously calling a patch for email_verified and awaiting the response before patching the password body. Neither of those approaches has worked, and I still receive the same error.