Incomplete user metadata on second tenant

Hi community!
I am maintaining an existing Auth0 Login integration which worked just perfectly.
Now we wanted to set up a second “test environment” with only test users, so we created a second tenant in our environment. This is using the developer plan (paid and with credit card information added). I configured connections, the default API, created an application etc. with the exact same settings as on our productive running environment.

Now when I’m calling the /userinfo endpoint, we only recieve three keys:

  • sub
  • email
  • email_verified

But on the live environment, we recieve all the necessary user data:

  • email_verified
  • email
  • clientID
  • updated_at
  • user_id
  • name
  • picture
  • nickname
  • identities
  • created_at
  • sub

Now it is crucial that we also recieve the same properties on our testing tenant. However every permissions I could find I’ve compared to the live system and set the same way. I have absolutely no Idea on where to look further.

Thanks you for your help in advance!

From the information provided I can see that on the live environment the user information returned includes claims that are not standard (not defined as part of OpenID Connect) so it’s very likely that the source of the difference is that the live tenant has access to deprecated functionality that since it was deprecated is no longer available by default in newer tenants.

If you haven’t done so already you should open a support ticket and report this situation; the reason I suggest the support ticket is that it’s easier to share information that may be more sensitive like tenant names and other configuration.