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User Registration Scenario In case of Multi Tenant




I am using the Same Auth0 Account across all my tenants, question is in my User Registration form how should I handle this

  • New User Registration - No Issue with this Auth0 will handle this
  • User Existing With Another Client- how this Scenario should be handled ??


This depends on how you have setup your Auth0 account to handle multi tenant applications. If you have followed our tutorial, with all users being under the same account, and same connection, then it would simply mean adding the new “client” permissions under the user’s app_metadata.

  "email": "",
  "app_metadata": {
    "permissions": {
      "personal": {
        "role": "full",
      "company1": {
        "role": "user",
      "company2": {
        "role": "admin",


I’m using mvc

Is there any way to send a identifier in the login and then add that identifier to the app_metadata when the user login?

I’m trying to send an internal tenant id when the user login using a specific link