include_totals and returned row count does not match


We have a weird error trying to query our users.
When we do the query we include the include_totals parameter and it reads 466.
466 is also the number we get when searching the lucene syntax on the website.

But when we paginate over the results we’re only getting 403 back.

The last query will return 3 results and the other ones 100:

/users?q=user_metadata.something%3Atrue&per_page=100&page=0&include_totals=true /users?q=user_metadata.something%3Atrue&per_page=100&page=1&include_totals=true /users?q=user_metadata.something%3Atrue&per_page=100&page=2&include_totals=true /users?q=user_metadata.something%3Atrue&per_page=100&page=3&include_totals=true /users?q=user_metadata.something%3Atrue&per_page=100&page=4&include_totals=true

Didn’t want to include the actual queries but contact me if you need the information.