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Import users, send activation, and have user set pwd



I added the user import/export extension and discovered that I can only import .json files. I converted my .csv to .json and successfully imported a new user. However, I am trying to determine how I can auto-send the account activation email to the new user and then force them to set their password. I would also ideally like to be able to set the group the user is a member of as well at the time of import.

  • Import user(s).
  • Send activation email.
  • User activates account and sets password.
  • User is directed to a URL where they are logged in.
  • App at URL reads account profile and performs logic from there.

It seems I can get part way with Auth0, but not completely through this process. What am I missing?

Also, I can’t seem to export users using the same Export plugin. What gives?

Thanks for any help you can provide.