Post Registration Action not working with Import/Export Extension

We have added an Action to the Post User Registration flow to request a change password email be sent to all new Users. (We customize the email to serve as an invitation for new users and a change password for existing users, as described in another post.)

The Action works fine for users created via the dashboard. Emails are sent with the correct content for both new Users and for existing user change password requests.

We attempted to import a subset of users through the Import/Export extension, using the json format. All Users are created correctly (from what we can see), but the custom Action in the Post User Registration flow does not appear to execute. We added console messages to the Action, and watched through the WebTask Logs to see the messages when creating a User from the dashboard, but saw nothing when we re-imported the users through the Import/Export extension (after deleting them from the system first).

Should we be expecting this to work the same way for users entered via the dashboard or imported via the extension? If so, where else can I look to figure out why the Action isn’t executing?

Hi @lnelson,

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What you have observed is to be expected since importing users are considered existing users. In other words, there is no user creation happening.

Moreover, the Post-User Registration Action triggers during the authentication pipeline, whereas the Import/Export extension does not, and is a dashboard feature.

In this scenario, you could generate and send invitations to these users to reset their passwords on your app.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks - the perspective helps me understand where our assumptions were wrong. The users we are importing are considered new (by us) - not the quite the migration use case that you have documented (where you are “creating” existing users with passwords they already know). Enhancement request: Let me import users that go through the registration process so I can control what happens after import.

Follow up question: the link you cited shows a programmatic solution (calling the Management API) for creating new users. Is the only non-programming approach that triggers the Post-User-Registration action the create user on the dashboard? (I’m assuming that’s the case.)

We’re using Scroll Viewport to publish a web site from data in Confluence Cloud. The resulting web site is basically just HTML. We expected to maintain users directly through the dashboard for a while (our volumes of users in/out is not very high yet), but we thought we would import the first several hundred to save some time and effort.

I know we could create the users, and send them an email (not from Auth0) that invites them to the site and tells them not to log in but to request a change password and follow the instructions. But I was hoping we could avoid the awkward part of that process. While I found an example that used the post-user-registration action to generate the change password upon registration and morph the change password email into an invitation, I haven’t found many other ways to load bulk users and invite them to the app without writing a program. Any approaches I missed that don’t require a program on our end?

Otherwise, I’ll concede to writing a program using the Management API for our initial conversion.

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Hi @lnelson,

Thank you for your response.

They both require minimal amounts of programming. Please let me know if you need some help writing the scripts.

Yes, this would be a great approach! You could set up a Post-User Registration Action that is repurposed as an invitation to signup. This way, you can avoid the cumbersome task of creating a user and then sending an email invitation programmatically with the Management API.

Thank you!

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