Implement Sign In with Apple with Auth0 Extensibility

Add support for Sign In with Apple to your web application by using an Auth0 Custom Social Connection, without having to change any of your application code.

Brought to you by @Abhishek_Hingnikar1 :man_technologist:t4:

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Hi, i tried to add Apple login button social login to my existing Auth0 Wordpress login. Google is working after some tweeking, but i don’t know where to start looking regarding a problem with AppleID.
It seems like the autentication is working, since i get a successfull login, but Wordpress is complainging about e-mail.
Any comments on what can be the problem. The login ends with this error message?
β€œThere was a problem with your log in: This account does not have an email associated, as required by your site administrator. [error code: unknown]”. The AppleID email exist in wordpress, or is there another e-mail? //lars

Hey there @lars.lindmark!

Let me reach out to @Abhishek_Hingnikar1 as he will for sure know details more!