Impact from LinkedIn API changes June 30, 2023

Problem statement

We received an alert from LinkedIn and just wanted to confirm that Auth0 is aware of this change and that it will not impact our logins, or if there are changes we need to make to our settings.


Last summer, we introduced two enhancements that enable developers to build faster, manage changes with predictability, and streamline the way they work with LinkedIn:

  • API versioning helps you test new features with fewer disruptions. Learn more and how to migrate from unversioned to versioned APIs (estimated 2 minutes per API).
  • New Content APIs - Images, Videos, Posts, Creatives - enable you to build quicker and to adopt the latest formats easier. Learn more and how to migrate from legacy to new Content APIs (estimated 60-90 minutes per API).

To avoid service interruptions, you will need to migrate from unversioned APIs and legacy Content APIs to the new, versioned equivalents by June 30, 2023. If you’re unable to make these changes soon, please set aside time/resources, factoring in vacation schedules, to complete your migrations well in advance of the June 30 deadline.


This should not affect login with the LinkedIn connection hence no change is required.