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Update email from LinkedIn


Hey everyone,

I’m curious if it’s possible to refresh an existing social connection from LinkedIn, so as to get any updates to their LinkedIn account that might have happened since they first registered on Auth0.

Use case: the user registered some time ago on an Auth0-powered site, using LinkedIn. But since the time of the registration, they have updated their email on LinkedIn and wish that change to be reflected within the Auth0 account.

This would be really cool to do, because LinkedIn would have already taken care of email validation.



Hi there @dandrei, I like your idea! In fact you may be able to leverage the power of the Management API to accomplish such a task but we don’t have an example documented in doing so. I have included some documentation below related to the Management API for referencing in your quest. Thanks!

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I wanted to touch base @dandrei and see if you had any additional questions on this front. Thanks in advance!


Looks like changing the email inside LinkedIn automatically updates it inside Auth0 when logging in again.

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Fantastic news @dandrei, thank you for sharing the solution! Please keep us posted as your app progresses or if you have any additional questions in the future.

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