I would like to ask a question about the linkage with Yahoo Japan ID

My name is Morikawa from Mamiya IT Solutions.

About the linkage
I would like to ask a question about the linkage with Yahoo Japan ID.
At the end of March, I linked my Yahoo Japan ID with the following URL.
We have confirmed that the linkage was completed at that time.

  1. the event that the linkage became impossible
    However, when we checked again yesterday (May 18), the linkage is no longer working.

  2. Questions
    Are there any changes to the linkage?

  3. Other questions
    Is there another way to link with the system?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @y-morikawa ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Could you please DM me the following details?

  1. your Yahoo Japan email address
  2. which URL did you link to your Yahoo Japan ID?
  3. which linkage is not working? Do you mean you can not log in to Auth0 Dashboard with the Yahoo email?

Thank you!

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Auth0 - About YahooJapan integration
I found out that the reason may be due to a change in the API usage conditions on Yahoo’s side.
The following information was additionally required in the Yahoo Developer Network Tools.

Representative name/name
Subscriber’s address
↑↑"Do you agree to disclose your personal information to the user as a recipient?" Select “I agree” at

Site URL
Privacy Policy URL
Terms of Use URL

I believe I was able to connect because these were not required until the end of March 2022. (I set this up on March 30)

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Glad to know you have resolved this topic! Thank you @y-morikawa for sharing your solution with our Community! :+1: :clap:

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