Account Linking Extensions doesn't work

Hi all!
I’ve installed the Auth0 Account Linking in my tenant, but things doesn’t seem to work.

When a user (already registered in the database) tries to login with a social provider, the Account Linking page shows correctly, but after clicking the “Link Account” button, an error page is shown with the error “Missing required parameter: response_type”.

Is there a way to fix - or at least workaround - the error?

Is anyone at Auth0 available to look on my problem? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @usasiago :wave:

Thanks for reaching out!

Would you be able to share more details around your application and how you are initialising the login flow?

Based on the error it seems like this could be caused by the authentication flow originating from a protocol not supported by the account linking extension (e.g. SAML or WS-FED).


In fact, the account linking process started from a SAML application and that’s why it wasn’t working!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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