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I can not delete Users using Custom Database




I am trying to delete a user using the the templates of custom database -> delete section.
When I do the test always the result is "The user was successfully deleted, but I can see in my database the user is still there… when I delete the user from the dashboard the user is deleted in the user collection in the dashboard but not in my database.
Maybe I am missing something.

I appreciate your help.


This indicates an issue with your Delete script. You will need to make sure that your script actually deletes the user from your custom database. An example for Mongo:

users.remove({ _id: id }, function (err) {
  if (err) return callback(err);

To debug, you can use console.log() statements in your script, and the Realtime Webtask Logs extension to review the logs.


There’s one problem though - usually _id of doc in MongoDB is stored as ObjectId. Hence there’s a difference between:
{_id: ‘123123123123’}
{_id: ObjectId(‘123123123123’)}
The first one won’t do nothing but the second one will actually delete that user.

Is there a way to access ObjectId constructor inside of custom database scripts?

Thank you for your answer!