Get user_id on DB create user, or email when deleting

When in the custom database (, when you create a user, the function only gives you access to email but not user_id. When you delete a user, the function only gives you access to the auth0 Id.

I need to either use email or auth0 ID to query the database when I create a user and delete one, how can I do this so creating a user will have auth0 ID …or… deleting a user provides me the email?

**Other solution, how can I query auth0 using a GET request to obtain the user_id when I only have their email? **

I’m using a mongoDB database via mLab url.

:wave: @KevinDanikowski you can use the management api to get a user by their email and then extract their userid. I’d have to double check about the database action scripts.. Were you able to solve your issue?

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I will try this out, but currently working on other aspects of the project so probbably wont come back to confirm. THank you!

Ok, great! In the mean time I will check about your questions regarding the database action scripts . Good luck! Let me know when you get back to this part and we can see what we can do.

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