HTTP 400. Unexpected token ILLEGAL

I had one user trying to create an account with his linkedin profile. All the logins attempts ends up with an error 400: “Invalid response code from the auth0-sandbox: HTTP 400. Unexpected token ILLEGAL”.

I’ve seen this previous conversation about the same error: Invalid response code from the auth0-sandbox: HTTP 400. Unexpected token ILLEGAL

I understand that some characters from the user linkedin profile can lead to this bug, and from what I’ve seen from his profile, it seems very likely to be correct in this case. (With for example, emojis in name)

My question is: is there something I can do about it ? If not, Is this being addressed by Auth0?

Thanks for reading me.

From you description of the issue your theory that this is related to the issue described in the other post seems correct. To my knowledge, directly addressing this specific situation is something that is not planned for the immediate future.

In relation to actions you can take, it may depend where the character in question is located and if you can request less profile information. For example, if you currently have the LinkedIn connection configured to retrieve the full user profile, but you don’t strictly require it then changing the configuration to retrieve less information may mitigate the issue.

Hello !
We tried the previous solution from @jmangelo but still get the issue.
We ask to Linkedin the very minimum of informations

Is there any improvement on this ?

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