Invalid response code from the auth0-sandbox: HTTP 400. Unexpected token }

Hello all of the sudden logins are not working anymore and this error keeps popping up. Logging in thru our app shows this error and even logging in as one of our user through the Auth0 dashboard shows this error. In the auth0 dashboard it’s seen that the user was able to login but resulted in an error response.

We were able to solve this through debugging with the Realtime Webtask Logs extension and uncovering a previously created Rule(not recently changed) was somehow causing this error at this later time.

For others coming across this issue, it could be due to either an error in a Rule or a Database Action Script.


I’ll investigate among our team as to when was this rule really created and modified to help further clarify the conditions for this error to occur. But lesson learned here, don’t forget to turn off not finalized rules!

Thanks for all your help Kim. I really appreciate it.

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