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How to use a client app connect to a ServiceStack Host with no human interface?



All of the examples I can find referring to ServiceStack and Auth0 are related to MVC implementations where there is a login page.

In our setup we have a ServiceStack Host that has no user interface at all, it is a pure API.

On the client end is a Windows Service that uses a ServiceStack client. There are of course other user interfaces, but nothing that is directly related to this two units.

What I am looking for, without any success, is an example of how the client can log in to the server using a saved username and password. The server would then return the JWT from Auth0, which in turn contains some codes.

All future calls would then use the JWT, and its codes, so the server knows which computer is connecting.

I am completely new to Auth0 and JWT, so I am really struggling. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if someone could point me in the direction of a worked example, even a Hello world example would be great.