Unsure when to use machine 2 machine application or API

Hey there,

I’m a bit confused by the difference between machine 2 machine application and API in Auth0

I have a NextJS frontend and a Golang monolith backend

So far, I’ve created one SPA Application in Auth0 for the frontend, and one Auth0 API for the backend, and I’m using the corresponding client ID/audience as environment variables for both

Right now, I’m implementing new methods in the backend that use the Auth0 Management API with auth0/go-auth0

But for this to work, I need a Client Secret, which is not available for an Auth0 API:

	auth0API, err := management.New(

Did I miss something ? Should I use an M2M App for my backend instead of an Auth0 API?

Hi @Kada,

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The M2M app is used to access your API through the Client Credentials flow. You will need to configure both to call your API.

See the documentation below:


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That’s what I end up doing, thank you !

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