Trying to use node-auth0 management api. Help with client setup please

I’m using GitHub - auth0/node-auth0: Node.js client library for the Auth0 platform.

I have a backend monolith in nodejs and I want to manually create users using management API.

However, I am confused about this:

import { ManagementClient } from 'auth0';

var management = new ManagementClient({
  clientId: '{YOUR_CLIENT_ID}',
  clientSecret: '{YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET}',

Where do I get CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET from?

I made a new API for my backend (NOT application, I clicked API) and there’s no CLIENT_ID or CLIENT_SECRET.

I only see these if I create an APPLICATION. However, this is a purely backend server side codebase.

Can someone advise me?


Hey there @kdm !

You’ll need to utilize an M2M application in Auth0 - You’ll use the M2M machine credentials (client id/secret) of the M2M app you create in Auth0 to initialize your node management client. The M2M app you create in Auth0 will need to be authorized by the Management API in your dashboard as well.

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