How to support multiple emails with one user account with the same credentials?

Hello there,
our legacy product has a feature where user could associate multiple emails with their user account . We also support the notion of the primary email that is used to send notifications to the user. User can log in with either of the emails with identical credentials.

We are migrating to Auth0 and would like to continue supporting this feature without creating additional user accounts in our application.

We are using Auth0 Lock to signup/login. We migrated our primary emails to Auth0 and users can log in with their primary email but not with other emails associated to their account.

Do you have a suggestion on how we could achieve our legacy functionality?

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Did you figure out a solution for this? I am thinking through the same thing right now. Thank you!

Hi vikas,
unfortunately I did not find the solution yet. This feature to support multiple email addresses for one user account was used extensively in our product before we adopted Auth0.
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Got it. Thanks for the quick reply!

Also interested in this. The only option that I currently see is to send out a magic link to the secondary email and once the user authenticates via the magic link, then link the two accounts (therefore giving me a secondary account ID and also confirming the new e-mail address in the process). It’s quite cumbersome though :confused: