Access multiple accounts with a single email ID

I have a requirement from a client where he wants a user(email) to be able to map to multiple accounts. our database is same for all the accounts.

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An email address can only be associated with one user profile in Auth0 per connection. If you set up separate database connections, you would be able to have multiple user profiles with the same email address in your tenant, however, the user would need to sign in separately with each account. Does that sound like what you are looking for?

Hi Stephanie,
Sorry to steal this thread, but I think it applies nicely to your reply, I have a use case I wonder if it’s possible to apply.
Let’s say, I have 2 DB connections, call them DB connections A and B. Now I have user details as follows:

User || Password || Auth0 DB connection ||. My WEB application || XXX. ||. A ||. app_1 ||. YYY. ||. B ||. app_2

As above, you can see that the user (email address) is the same in different connections set with different passwords for respective applications.

Use case:
app_2 is an internal module within app_1, meaning you need to log in to app_1 first, to access a submodule that accesses app_2.
Now, if a user with the email, logs in to app_1 successfully, then clicks on the module which access app_2, verification will be sent to Auth0 for this user, however considering no password has been entered. Is it possible for Auth0 to consider this user as valid because exists in DB connection A, but in B?

I read about account linking but trying to understand if that fits the requirement mentioned.

As another option was planning to create some kind of shared Auth0 Db (say C)and migrate users from A and B to → C, but would have some issues with passwords in case they are different.

Sorry for the lengthy message but tried to explain me the best I can, hope I did and you could provide some guidance if any.


Depending on your email provider, you may be able to achieve separate accounts while still only having a single email if your email provider supports the + aliasing method thus you could do:

  • test+account1@provider
  • test+account2@provider

This typically doesn’t require any registration with your provider so you can easily create them.

Gmail supports this. Yahoo has their own aliasing method - registered via their UI and using the format <account>-<alias>

While it’s not quite what you asked for, it is a possible solution but depends on technical capabilities of your email provider.