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How to setup Shibboleth as SAML provider in Auth0



I am trying to add authentication into a Xamarin app. Our university uses Shibboleth and I’ve been sent the xml file. I tried to set it up under Connections, then SAMLP, but there was nowhere to upload an XML file, so then I tried ADFS, but when I upload the shibboleth XML file I get the error “FederationMetadata does not have a PassiveRequestorEndpoint endpoint”. Could anyone direct me on how to setup Shibboleth as an SAML provider in Auth0? Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hey @cswomen! While I continue to investigate other solutions, here is a list of valuable documentation regarding SAML:


Hi there, any news on this matter?
I have a similar project to implement (shibboleth as IDP / auth0 as SP) but couldn’t find any additional documentation.



Hey there @florent.coucke, sadly we don’t have additional documentation on this front but we do support Shibboleth IdPs though SAML v2. We would recommend opening a support ticket so we can find out more details about your specific use case/implementation. Thanks!


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