Auth0 support for integration with federations like Open Athens and Shibboleth

Does Auth0 support a federation like Open Athens out of the box? Any chance to get a strategy or direction on how this can be achieved?

A quick search seems to suggest Open Athens uses SAML, which is one of the supported protocols for Auth0. You can use Auth0 both as a Service Provider and Identity Provider for SAML.

Well, we are prepared to use SAML 2.0 to upload a list of IdPs from the federation to Auth0. But then, we will also have to also synchronize any changes that may happen in the federation with Auth0. I posted this question to see if Auth0 has any plans to support this federation and manage this solution for us.

We have reached out to the customer support already and Auth0 gave us a script to read metadata from federation of 4000-5000s idps and create/update connections in Auth0. Again, there is alot of overhead in doing this. I sounds like a very common problem that many customers using Auth0 with a requirement to interact with federations like Open Athens, Shibboleth or InCommon. I am just wondering what and how other customers are solving this problem.

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I’m looking to revive this discussion to see if there’s actually an answer for this with regards to handling/syncing federation changes within Auth0:

I’m assuming the script looked at metadata and then used the Auth0 API to reflect the changes, but agree it’s quite a bit of overhead to add in.


Are there any updates here? We are exploring an integration with InCommon and would like to avoid a heavy lift…