How to set up .Net Core Web API to support multiple Auth0 tenants?

We are white labeling our app to serve multiple companies. Right now 3, but more to come. In order to white label the authentication portion (login screen and various Auth0 emails), we chose multiple Auth0 tenants to have individually styled login screen and email templates per company. The issue now is having a single web service to handle multiple authentication tenants (all from Auth0). I can’t find a clean example on how to implement.

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Thanks for providing that context but can you elaborate a little bit more on what you mean by supporting multiple Auth0 tenants?

Here’s a document on how we set up multiple tenants in Auth0…

We followed this approach so each company / tenant could have individually styled email templates and log in screens. It also allowed us to have custom domain names Ex:,,, etc…

One of the guys on our team figured out a solution.

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Perfect! Glad to hear it all came together!

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