How to set response base on my language

Hello, I need the code to know how to set the response to be localized. And please don’t point to this link Universal Login Internationalization. I watch this link for 10 times. I need the CODE how to config it. Please help me!!. Here is my code:

            if (config && "internalOptions" in config) {
                var leeway = config.internalOptions.leeway;
                if (leeway) {
                    var convertedLeeway = parseInt(leeway);

                    if (!isNaN(convertedLeeway)) {
                        config.internalOptions.leeway = convertedLeeway;

            var params = Object.assign({
                overrides: {
                    __tenant: config.auth0Tenant,
                    __token_issuer: config.authorizationServer.issuer,
                domain: config.auth0Domain,
                clientID: config.clientID,
                redirectUri: config.callbackURL,
                responseType: 'code',
            }, config.internalOptions);

            var webAuth = new auth0.WebAuth(params);
            var databaseConnection = 'Username-Password-Authentication';
            var captcha = webAuth.renderCaptcha(

Well, the problem consisted from parts:

  1. inappropriate tool for requesting, that showed me mangled results;
  2. Google has its own rules how to form response. For English language only link to english interface is inserted into page. For languages which are very different, the interface is returned in requested language at once.