How to set reply to address in SES email provider

We are using the SES email provider and we need to set reply to address in the provider. So below is the json format we are using to “update” the email provider.

“name”: “ses”,
“enabled”: true,
“default_from_address”: “”,
“message”: {

But from the docs I could not find anywhere , how I can set a field for “reply-to” address. Could you please help.

Hey there!

I’m not familiar with Amazon SES but looking at our doc there is no explanation how to set the reply to address:

Have you checked Amazon docs regarding that?

Thanks @konrad.sopala
AWS SES allows it to be set, but I cannot find a field in any of the Auth0 management apis that takes in the reply-to address. ,ie, Does any of the Auth0 email providers support more than one email address in the header? If so , I could pass in one as “from” address and the other one as a “reply-to” address.

Let me check that soon and get back to you as soon as I find something!

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Sure @konrad.sopala. Thanks for your support. I do really hope Auth0 does provide something to fit this in.

No worries! We’re here for you!

Hey there @jeena.kurian!

Sorry for the delay in response but due to holiday seasons we’ve been experiencing some hiccups with the bandwidth.

Indeed your research in term of Management API is correct BUT I’ve been playing myself personally like 4 weeks ago with SendGrid Twilio on my personal project and they do support more than one email address in the header and they can be configured in Auth0 as an email provider.