How to send email notification to user on successful change of password

Hi Experts,

We have a requirement where Okta CIC needs to send an “email notification” to the user once the user has changed his password successfully or changes their email/phone MFA successfully.

We tried creating templates using “Create Email Template” API but unfortunately it didn’t work for us saying 400 Bad Request. Looks like there is no default template which gets triggered on successful process completion (please correct me if I’m wrong), if not so, then I would request you to help us know that how we can achieve this? I would be really grateful to you.

Also, if not available by default, is there a way we can code something in Actions by putting some email SMTP connection info along with HTML code for the email template which we are looking to be triggered?

Could someone please suggest how to achieve this scenario, or it is not feasible at all at this moment?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @poornima.bal

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Thank you for posting your question. In that case, I would suggest to the user the Post Change Password Flow with Send an email after the user changes their password → Post Change Password Flow. This should let you send an email to the users after a successful password change.


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Hi Dawid,

Thanks for your response. It is working for change password.

Similar to this how can we send email to user when they change there SMS or email factor (email or phone number). Please suggest.

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