How to implement Auth0 in Unity Game Engine?

I am creating an app using Unity Game Engine and want to use the Auth0 service for the User Management. I am writing my API in .Net and I can able to read the claims in the API side. I am unable to find any Auth0 library to register and login the User. Is there any way to do it?

There is a .NET SDK]1 that can streamline some of the calls to the Auth0 HTTP endpoints available in the Authentication API. This could in theory cover the signup/registration of users assuming you would be using custom username/password credentials specific to your game and managed by Auth0. However, using social authentication would require doing what is described at ( which goes beyond what is available in that library.

If I try the sdk with Unity, the Editor complains about C# features that are not part of the C# 4.0 language specifications :

  • null propagating operator
  • interpolated strings
  • asynchronous functions

So, at least as it is, the .Net auth0 SDK is not usable in Unity (2017.3), am I right ?