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Successful examples of Unity integrations


We are considering using Auth0 for our applications in our company, we do web, mobile and Unity applications (XR).

I can see there are a lot of successful web/mobile projects using Auth0, and even when it’s not supported yet, I’m looking for successful Unity cases, as Unity applications are a really important part of our products.

  • Any successful Unity example that you know?
  • Is there a plan to support Unity on Auth0?
  • Should be possible to use this on Android VR helmets (Oculus Go, Quest)?

Any information about this will be greatly appreciated!

Hey there @andressr!

Really glad you got interested in using our stack! Need to reach out to our product team to get some insight on second and third bullet point. It will be quite interesting to see the usage of our stack with VR as I believe I haven’t heard of such usecase before. I’ll get back to you with the insights soon!

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One of my teammates managed to actually get some resources on implementing Auth0 stack with Unity platform:

Regarding other questions, please do give me some more time :slight_smile:

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I didn’t have any info from Product Team about supporting Unity directly just yet but when it comes to your first bullet point unfortunately I don’t have any data on let’s say successful Unity commercial projects. As I’ve done some research there are repos on GitHub which are Unity projects which were trying to implement our stack!

Basically when it comes to Auth0 + Unity in general as well as Android VR helmets, I guess it’s more of a stack approach. We do cover lots of languages and frameworks and I feel it’s a matter of using right API or SDK of ours with the technology that you can tie to your project. So for now the solution is probably not tailored exactly to your needs but there are certainly some building blocks that you should be able to use.

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I just got the info back from Product team. So there are no specific plans for Unity in short-term but we are currently gathering feedback and usecases from our customers so that we can tailor the stack in long term to Unity projects. I would really appreciate it if you can provide your feedback directly to our Product Team via our feedback site along with any context that you can provide about your usecase:

Thank you! And let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you for your time looking for answers.
I’ll share the use cases we need on the feedback page you shared.

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Thank you a lot! Really appreciate that!

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