Authentication with Unity3D?

Are there any examples how to enable authentication in a Unity3D?

Searching the Internet and these forums, it doesn’t look like this is possible without a lot of code. I’m currently use Firebase, but I wanted to use Auth0 or OKTA.

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Hey there @kershnerd!

Can you share a little bit more of context around what you’re trying to build with Unity? I’m not sure we have people who implemented Auth0 stack along with creating stuff with Unity but let me research it once i have more info on what you’re building!

I don’t have any exact knowledge and experience in Unity but you can always check out our C# stack to see whether you can somehow implement it in your project:

Just visit our repos on GitHub or quickstarts in the dashboard!

I am looking for some good blog sites for studying myprepaidcenter

I’m not sure if we have ones apart from repos and quickstarts but you can always go visit our blog and seek there: