How to get more custom domains?

You have reached the maximum number of custom domains for your account (MAX_ALLOWED: 1)

I’m already using at least 3, and wanted to add a 4th. I don’t see any mention of a limit on the pricing page. What’s the actual limit and can I get more?

Would make more sense if there could be only 1 custom domain per tenant, not per account. Can someone confirm? All I’m trying to do is change the custom domain on a particular tenant.

Hi @jsw

I’m going to send you a DM and we can look into your account.

Sadly it looks like it’s not possible to replace a custom domain with zero downtime. Here is some advice from a support thread:

  1. You could temporarily point your apps and services to the default tenant domain
  2. Delete the previous Custom Domain
  3. Add the new one
  4. Point your apps and services to the new Custom Domain.

Does this mean that the default tenant domain will always work even if a custom domain is configured?

Similarly, if a front-end app is sending authenticated requests to a backend, do both apps need to have the same value for AUTH0_ISSUER_URL? If one was using the default domain and the other the custom domain, would it work?

I haven’t had time to validate, but it appears that is the case.

The issuer URL must correspond with iss claim that is to be validated in the token. The front end application isn’t typically validating the same token as the backend.

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