Changing custom domain without downtime

Hey there,

We would like to change our custom domain without causing downtime, but when I try to add a new one I get an error saying that our plan only allows for 1 at a time.

What’s the recommended way to approach this, given that the process to add a new domain requires DNS changes that might take time?

Is there a way to get the custom domains limit increased temporarily so we can have both domains working during the transition?

Thank you!

Hi there @fbaiodias, I wanted to reach out and let you know I am looking into this for you and will share what I find. Thanks!

I checked with our team and confirmed that at this time we don’t support seamless migration of custom domains at the moment. However I do believe this can bring a lot of value, please share your use case with when you get a chance. Each submission is reviewed by our product teams and help shape the features and advancements going forward! Thanks!

I felt that your question was really valuable so I also turned it into a FAQ

Thank you for your help with this. Hopefully this is something we can get corrected in the future!

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