Changing domain, that is checked during registration process

I am using mangement api to register my users. Everything works perfec, till I moved my aplication to another domain. Previous domain has beeen suspended and I dont have access to it.

The problem is, that I am getting exception when trying to sign-up new user (this exception is caused by auth0, who checks ssl certificate of old domain).

How can I change this domain?

Hi @szymon ,

I understand that you experience user signup issue after moving your App to a different domain.

Here are two FAQs related to updating domain in Auth0. By searching with custom domain #faq in our Community, you may find more FAQs.

If the error persists, I can dig further into this if you DM me additional details such as the name of your tenant and the App, if the error happens when signup in the UI or/and with management API, and the details of the exception/error.



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