Changing to custom domain in existing app

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Im investigating the possibility of using a custom domain for our existing app instead of using the the auth0 domain that we are currently using. We would like to give a consistent login/signup experience across our products but that only seems to be possible if we migrate to using a custom domain.
The thing is, Im uncertain about the implications for existing users on our app and I cant seem to find any documentation on that.

So far its seems like we’ll have to change app configuration and issuer on api side. And possibly more?

What would the process be to start using a custom domain for authentication instead?
Will they have to reauthenticate? Is there a way to keep existing users logged in and using the existing domain or can we support multiple domains

Thanks for the help

Hi @mikkelm , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You’ll be able to configure the custom domain whilst still continuing to use the Auth0 domain, this is stated in our docs here, as well as in a commonly asked questions post about custom domains here , (Question 5.)

As you can see on the docs page, once the change has been made in your applications, users will need to log in again as the existing sessions will be invalid.

Hope this helps, thanks

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