Changing custom domain to a new one

Problem statement

We currently have a custom domain configured. However, we are going to start using a new domain and want to know how we can change a custom domain to a new one and what considerations do we need to take note of?


The solution we recommend is to begin by removing the current Custom Domain and adding the new Custom Domain afterward. Unfortunately, for now, Auth0 only allows one Custom Domain per tenant, and you must first delete the current custom domain before adding the new one.

We understand that allowing more than one custom domain would provide a smoother transition. This was mentioned in the following Feedback request that asks for support for allowing multiple custom domains.

If you believe this feature would be valuable, we recommend upvoting on the feedback request since feedback requests with higher upvotes get a higher implementation priority.

Lastly, after changing the custom domain, please double-check to update all of the previous references of the old Domain. Please review the following points in the following documentation, which list the features that may need an update when you configure a custom domain:

Reference Materials