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How to force a login with password less email connection type



The docs say that I can append a connection= parameter to the /authorize URL to force a specific connection to use. I can put connection=facebook and connection=google-oauth2 and they will go direct to either connection method, but not connection=email, which I believe should be the connection identifier for passwordless email. How can I force a user to just get a prompt for email one time code? I only use passwordless, I don’t use DB connection.



Hi Martin,
here is the tutorial I used last time I implemented passwordless authentication. In a nutshell, I used Auth0 Lock instead. Hopefully, this will help.



Hi Joel!

Thanks a lot for quick response! I realise I should have given some more details. I am using the Hosted Page, so it’s using Lock v11, and my login screen is showing correctly on that page, normally with Facebook, Google and Passwordless Email offered. What I wanted to achieve is that I can provide a URL parameter to the hosted page, to only show passwordless email. This so that I can force a user to do a one-time code in certain circumstances.

The connection URL param seem like it would do this, but it doesn’t seem to work. I suspect I can come up with some new custom URL param and customise my Hosted Page to read it, but I was hoping that this was already supported using the connection param. Could you perhaps clarify?