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How to create email templates programmatically with v2 management API



In the deprecated, v1 management API, there was an /api/emails endpoint you could GET/POST/PUT to manage the email templates for a given email type. I don’t see anything equivalent for v2.

Is there a undocumented v2 API for this? Or will I have to use the v1 API if I want to automate the email templates?


Management API v2 currently does not support updating email templates - you can continue to use v1 for this. More information to achieve this is outlined here:


Hi Prashant,
My team was using the work-around you mentioned in your post, which is to use the deprecated V1 management API for managing email templates. We have two Auth0 accounts (Dev and Prod). Things worked fine for our Dev account, but failed on our Prod account. We realized that the issue was due to Auth0 NOT allowing accounts created after a certain date to access V1 (our Prod was created after this date). We have gone back to manually configuring these, but I was wondering if you may have another workaround in mind? Also any update on when V2 might support this?



Hi Prashant, When will email template support appear in the v2 API? I cannot use the v1 API in my tenants and I do not like the idea of actually using the global client id/secret just for updating the email template.