How to create a enterprise connection with realms, button display name and button logo url via API

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I’ve being trying to use the management API wrapper provided by node-auth0 npm package to create an enterprise connections with the domains and the display_name that is displayed on the login page. On the documentation it say that the display_name parameter should be send on the body of the request but the typescript method give a error on this particular property:

(property) display_name: string Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'display_name' does not exist in type 'CreateConnection'.ts(2345)

This is a documentation issue or a problem on the npm package?


Hi @vinicius.palma,

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I was able to create a connection using the node-auth0 npm package using the createConnection method and pass the display_name property. docs:

    function createConnection(data, clientId = null) {
        return this.managementClient.createConnection(data)
            .then(connection => connection)
            .catch(err => err);;

Which method are you using to create the connection?



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