How to change the alert message displayed when attempting to sign up with an existing email address

This shows the alert when a user attempts to sign up with an email address that already exists in Auth0. It does not make it clear as all what the problem is so want to either

  1. Modify the alert text
  2. Have the user redirected to the “Log In” screen instead.

Any of this possible?

Hi @shaun , welcome to the community!

You can modify the error messages via the Text Customization API:

Are you using a custom database connection? This could be why the error message is generic if the error is being returned in one of your custom database scripts, as there is a provision for an email-in-use scenario for a normal database connection but not for custom ones as far as I can tell. Only a validation error can be returned, but you should be able to edit the generic error text too using the custom-script-error-code and auth0-users-validation keys.

There currently isn’t a way to redirect the user to the login screen in this scenario as far as I am aware unfortunately. Please feel free to raise this as a feature request here:


Thanks for the reply and info @sgo

We don’t use a custom db connection and was expecting the default text to be The user already exists. as specified in the email-in-use key but seemingly this is getting overridden somewhere.

I will create a new tenant without our config to isolate where this might be getting changed else look to use the Text customization API.

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