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How to change the 20 seconds default value timeout for Database Action Scripts?



We have a service that sometimes takes more than 20 seconds to response.

We are receiving this message: Script execution did not complete within 20 seconds. Are you calling the callback function?

For example, inside of the Create (Sign Up) script we are using request function in order to call our endpoint:

var options = { url: 'url', body: 'body', timeout: 30000 };, function (err, response, body)  {
    callback(null, user);

How can we change the 20 seconds default timeout value for a http request?


The overall timeout for a custom database script to complete is not configurable so any other requests performed within that script have to have that in consideration.

Assuming that there is nothing that can be done to decrease the time it takes to perform that external operation you can consider not performing the signup through Auth0 as the Create script is optional. In this option the user would be created directly in the custom store and then would be surfaced/visible within Auth0 only after completing the first authentication/login.