How to avoid user confusion when the invitation link is used to create an account that already exists?

At signup-password prompt, when coming from an invitation link with path /u/signup/invitation, users that try to create an account but already have an account are seeing the message “Something went wrong, please try again later” and that’s misleading them.

That seems to be coming from “auth0-users-validation” error however changing it feels wrong cause it’s a more generic error and I don’t fully understand all the cases where it could happen.

The logs show a “failed_signup” with the message “The user already exists.” so it seems the error is getting translated to a more generic one somewhere. We do have custom scripts but looking at our database logs it seems the “Get User” / getByEmail script is being executed and the create script isn’t being.

So far what I could understand is that when a user tries to sign up but already has an account, the getByEmail script runs and verifies the account already exists then Auth0 logs that and returns “auth0-users-validation” error message to the user. Is this right? Is this how it works? How can the user see “email-in-use” error message instead?

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