How to add CSS/HTML/JS to the New Universal login page


Option 1 (desired). We’re trying to add the chat to the New Universal login page. The chat consists of some HTML content styled with CSS and an external JS script that generates a feedback form.

Now we can add CSS/HTML/js by applying the Customize Login Page to the template. As a result, this chat appears but the Forgot Password is missing in this template and the Sign up button doesn’t work.

Option 2. If it’s not possible to add Chat to the login page, then we may need to enable the Custom Error Page feature in Auth0 to send the user to a page that we can control. That page can contain additional FAQs to help them understand why they can’t log in.

How can we implement the options above?


Hi @tetiana.b,

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Have you looked into using page templates to accomplish this? Page templates allow you to customize the HTML outside of the login prompt (i.e. background, header, footer, etc.).

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Hi @dan.woda
Thanks for your reply. We’ve investigated your link. Auth0 recommends customizing the New Universal Login pages by providing a page template using the Liquid template language. They say that we can update the ULP templates only using the Management API. This capability can only be used if the tenant has Custom Domains enabled. But this is possible only within the paid tariff plan.

  1. Is this option the only one for adding our html/css to the Universal Login Page?
  2. Will using Custom Domains allow keeping existing styling and development? Can this break our previous customization?

Yes, custom domains is required for use with Page templates. Page templates are the mechanism for customizing html/CSS around the new universal login prompts.

Yes, you can add the custom domain without losing existing styling. There may be some additional configuration required, depending on which features you are using. Please see our docs for more info:

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