How I Customize CSS Styles Of New Experience Universal Login?

I can change some elements in login with Branding Management API but the style of field and buttons inside of {Auth:widget} tag can’t customize.

Hi @margonzalez , unfortunately, we don’t support customising the widget itself beyond what can be achieved with the Branding API and Text Customisation API currently for New Universal Login. You can customise the page around the widget using Page templates however.

For full control over the look and feel of the login page, you would need to create a custom UI using an SDK like Auth0.js (an example of this can be found in the default templates dropdown on the login page customisation tab) which can be hosted by Auth0 but does not use any Auth0 CSS which can be subject to change and so not recommended


On top of that if you want to leave some feedback regarding customisation options within Management API you can do that by creating a topic in our feedback category here:

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when using Auht0.js, I can customize login page using Auth0.js. but having difficult to customize mfa page.
Do you know it is possible to override style for mfa with email in auth0js?
I’ve tried searching for this solutions for months, my current temp solution is using auth0js to handle login page, and set up management API and hitting endpoint to customize mfa page (just around the auth0:widget).