How flexible can I get regarding customize new universal login page?

I’ve set up management API and been able to update branding page on new experience universal page, everything looks fine.
But, how flexible can we get?
Other than just using {%- auth0:widget -%}, can we go deeper to change in detail?
such as changing font size of input value, width, shadow of input etc.

Just realized docs has already mentioned that
customize new universal login pages

Page templates let you define the content displayed around the Universal Login widgets (e.g., the Login box, the MFA box).

It seems I can’t modify inside auth0:widget

Anyway, does anyone know how can I customize mfa page, I’ve already used auth0js to override style for login page, but I dont know how to deal with the mfa? especially on email mfa

Hi @dddan ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

Regarding how to customize the Email MFA page, could you please check the same doc ? Hopefully the mfa-email prompt section has the detail you are looking for!