Customization both - widget and html - Universal Login Page

Is it possible to customize the Sign up/Sign In both - widget, and the html around it at the same time?

First, I added styles to the widget using “Branding” → “Customization optons”, then I wanted to customize the custom HTML in “Branding” → “Advanced Options” (Login tab). Unfortunately, after selecting the “Customize Login Page” option, the styles of the widget were restored to the default styles.

I attach a picture of what I want to achieve on the Login Page

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Hi @k.kusy,

Yes, it is possible to customize the New Universal Login pages for both sign-up and sign-in pages.

Take note that enabling the “Customize Login page” toggle will override the New Universal Login experience with the Classic Universal Login experience. Therefore, we should keep this feature disabled to prevent overriding the New Universal Login experience.

Now, to Customize the New Universal Login page, there are two options namely:

  1. Using the Auth0 No-Code editor: Customize New Universal Login with the No-Code Editor
  2. Using the Management API: Customize New Universal Login Pages

I hope this helps!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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