How do I set up Zendesk JWT SSO?

At some time in the past, it appears there was a post about JWT SSO for Zendesk.

However, now it returns a 404.

What happened to it?

Hi @dan.rumney, do you have the broken link? So we can check it and report it. Thanks in advance,

Yeah, I wish I’d been thoughtful enough to do that in the first place because now I can’t find it.

So maybe the question should now be: do you have any documentation on setting up SSO with Zendesk using JWTs?

Would also love a full example here. The SAML setup is very straightforward, but requires Enterprise ZenDesk.

@lobo - Here’s the broken link:

I did find this rule in the auth0 github:

Presumably this would involve creating a new Client in the Dashboard for ZenDesk and applying this rule to that client to accomplish the callback to ZenDesk?

If we could track down the article in the broken link, maybe that’s what @dan.rumney and I are looking for?

If you search for the url, the cached version is available from google. I try to avoid using them since sometimes links are removed for a reason.